The Recipe to Produce Rick Simpson Oil on Your Own

Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil is known to be high-grade concentrated cannabis oil. It has some properties which can slow down or reverse the growth of the tumor. However, it is quite different from the other cannabis oil. If you want to make it, you should know that it is a difficult process. Here are some of the steps that you should follow if you want to make Rick Simpson Oil.

Prepare a Shopping List

The first thing that you need to do is make a shopping list. Make sure that you have all the products. You need high quality cannabis flower, 99 gallons of isopropyl alcohol, 2  buckets, wooden stick to crush flowers, coffee filter, electric rice cooker, small containers, fan, coffee warmer, stainless steel measuring, and syringes.

Choose the Flowers                                                   

You can begin with the pound which is grown organically. This is mold-free cannabis. However, you need to make sure that the product is safe to be used for Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil. High CB strains and sativa-dominant strains can be used. However, this oil used indica-dominant strain and high-THC.

rick simpson cannabis oil

Crush the Flower

The next step to Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil is to crush the flower. You will have to do this twice. Place the flowers in a non-plastic container. Thereafter, you will have to pour in alcohol. However, make sure that you do this slowly. This will give you time to crush the flower with the wooden stick before you immerse it fully. When you are done crushing, you can fill up the container with gallons of alcohol for every pound. Keep in mind that you have to stir it constantly with the wooden stick. Then pour the solvent in the next bucket. Repeat it with the remaining alcohol.

Filter the Extra Material

Line the funnel with a coffee filter. The more filter-lined funnels, quicker will be the process. Make sure that you place it over the small containers and pour the cannabis infused alcohol from the buckets.

Prepare the Rice Cooker

Make sure that the rice cooker’s heat setting is around 250 degree Fahrenheit. The cannabinoids will be vaporized at this temperature and the created oil will fail to work. Keep a fan for whisking away the heavy fumes because it is toxic and can lead to fire.

Boil the SolventRick Simpson Oil

Fill the cookers with cannabis infused alcohol to make Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil. Then allow some to boil off. When about 2 inches oil is left in the cooker, add about 12 drops of water. If you hear a cracking sound then the last solvent has boiled out.

Evaporate the Left Over Water

Pour the extract out of your rice cooker and then add it to stainless steel measuring cup. Make sure that you place the cup on the coffee warmer till the oil has stopped bubbling. Thereafter, allow it to cool.

Extract the Resin

Get the plastic syringes without the needle and plunge it in for drawing warm oil. Then allow it cool. The resin is going to turn into grease like matter.

Depending on the strain, your Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil is going to be dark in color. For the purpose of long-term storage, you should put the oil in the stainless steel container.

How to Get (and Keep) Your Motivation during the Holidays

Even if you are a health freak, you will agree with the fact that during the holidays, you lack the motivation to head to the gym or even carry out basic workouts at your home. More often that, during the holiday season, one starts to gorge on various delicacies and give a damn to their health goals. However, as soon as the holiday season ends, there is a beeline in front of the gym and fitness centre.

personal trainer toronto

Although a personal trainer Toronto agrees with the fact that holidays are a perfect time to spend with family and friends. It is the time during which one loves to eat various meals and as a result strays off from their health and wellness plans. Often, backing out from the scheduled workouts or fitness plan, might result in weight gain, muscle loss, and more. Moreover, on seeing the family members and friends enjoying the holiday season to their fullest, most people think of giving their workouts and gym session a miss.


Don’t Loose Motivation

Personal trainers know it very well that for many people following the workout routine can be really tough during the winter season. Managing your household chores and other works along with regular workout schedule can be very tricky thing. Even a greatest health freak can suffer from lack of motivation and might fail to maintain their usual routine.

personal trainer

Tips to Follow

However, personal trainer Toronto feels that if one needs to feel motivated for carrying out workouts during the holiday season, they will need to follow some basic tips. Take a look into the basic tips.

Setting Microgoals: A fitness freak can break down their holiday season into individual weeks. On the start of the respective week, they can set up a realistic workout goal. The key is to set a goal that can be achieved while carrying out other tasks.

Remaining Accountable:  Personal trainer Toronto feels that once a person is able to set their goals, they can easily become accountable for their actions. For this keeping a track on the progress is very important. One can easily boast of achieving their goal across social media.

Rebooting Workout: During the holiday season, family commitments even get bigger. More than that one if one feels very inactive and tired for heavy workouts; one can start with small workouts like brisk walking or hitting the treadmill.

Hiring a Trainer: During holidays seasons it becomes difficult to motivate yourself. However, if you are able to hire a personal trainer Toronto and decide to carry out your workouts with them, it can help you to remain motivated as well as accountable. With a trainer by your side, one is less likely to miss their workout plan.

Bodyweight Workouts: Even if you are not able to hit the gym during the holiday season, you can try out bodyweight workouts. One can perform workouts like jump squats or reverse lunges in their home itself. A little workout can make one motivated for sticking to their fitness goals.


If a person is able to follow the aforementioned steps, they can easily keep up with their health and fitness. Just hire a personal trainer Toronto and seek their valuable advice. Here are more benefits as to why you should hire a personal trainer in Toronto.

Medical Detox Toronto – the First Step to Recovery

When a person is addicted to some kind of drugs or substances, it is important for the loved ones of the addicts to ensure that addicts can kick off their addiction. Addiction to chemical substances like drugs or alcohol can prove to be very harmful. It affects addicts on a personal as well as professional level.

Due to addiction, an addict distances themselves from their loved ones. At the same time they lose their job. Only way to kick off their addiction is by taking the help of medical detox Toronto. In fact, the detox facilities can help an addict to take the first step towards recovery. Once the detox program is successful, addicts can come out clean and leads a sober life.

medical detox Toronto

Major Obstacle of Addicts

One of the major obstacles faced by addicts is that they fail to accept they have an addiction. Even if at some stage they accept about their addiction, the profuse apprehension and fear of facing some kind of discomfort during the withdrawal forces them not to admit about their addiction.

Very few addicts realize that they need to go through a detox program, preferably medical detox Toronto in order to kick off their addiction and recover from it. Only when an addict has the inner urge to recover from their addiction they can be provided help for their drug or alcohol addiction.

Understanding Medical Detox

Before delving deep into the medical detox process, one needs to know that it is possible for the withdrawal symptoms to vary among people when the addict stops taking drugs or alcohol. It usually varies depending on the kind of substance that the addict used and the effects it used to carry. In fact, the withdrawal symptoms may become acute based on the type of detox program chosen for treating substance abuse addiction.

detox Toronto

Usually, medical detox program is followed by most medical detox Toronto centers. This program tries to eliminate all elements of addictive substances. With constant abuse of drugs or alcohol, the body gets adapted to toxic substances. With detox, the body gets prepared for a reversal. At this time body experiences withdrawal symptoms which can sometimes become severe.

Often, these withdrawal symptoms can be very uncertain, frightening, and baffling. For this reason an addict should go through a medical detox process under the supervision of medical professionals. The professionals can remain on the side of the patient 24×7 and ensure that the withdrawal symptoms during the medical detox Toronto process is under control.

The role of medical detox in treating an addict is very important. Once the physical side of addiction is addressed, helping an addict to learn ways to remain away from drugs or alcohol becomes easy. Through counseling, the root cause of addiction is addressed. Care is taken so that the addict goes through various kind of therapies so that the recovered addict don’t go back to use the chemical substance.

Medical detox Toronto is always a safer option for helping an addict to recover from any kind of addiction. Once an addict recovers fully, they can lead a life of sobriety. For a better treatment of your addiction, you can always visit the Neworld detox centre for fast recovery and a great program!

Reasons behind the Increasing Use of CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases and is taking a huge toll every year. Flipping through news reports, one gets to hear that over 12 million people every year is being diagnosed with one or other forms of cancer every year. With whatever type of cancer one is diagnosed with, it is a known fact that there is no perfect cure for the disease.

For cancer, chemotherapy is considered to be an effective treatment. However, many people try to look out for some alternative treatment options. CBD oil for cancer treatment is considered to be the best alternative treatment options for cancer. This is because not everyone can afford the costly treatment process. However, leading oncologist states that, cannabis oil should be always used in conjunction with chemotherapy in order to get best results.

Cannabis Oil for Cancer Treatment

When you or your loved one suffers from cancer, you must be looking out for various ways through which you can get them cured. At this point of time, when you come to know that CBD oil can help to kill cancer cells or get cancer cured, this news can seem to be very exciting for you. You might be wondering whether it’s possible or not. Well, scientific research has shown it to be true.

However, if you are interested to learn how CBD oil for cancer treatment is helpful, you need to go through rest of the blog.

CBD oil for cancer treatment 

Cannabis Oil

 CBD oil better known as cannabis oil is produced by the plant Cannabis Sativa through solvent extraction. The oil contains important cannabinoids like CBD and THC in them. The cannabinoids present in the oil can prevent the cancer cells to spread. Basically, CBD oil for cancer treatment kills the cancer cells completely by reducing food supply to the cancer cells it leads to its death.

How The Oil Helps in Cancer Treatment?

 There has been a huge debate on the topic CBD oil can help to treat cancer. Some medical practitioners say that it’s not effective. However, it’s not true. The CBDA present in the oil prevents the spreading of cancer cells by shrinking them completely.

ECS is created in such a way that it accepts cannabinoids. CBD oil for cancer treatment contains THC not only treats cancer related symptoms but it also works on the cellular level. Well, THC and CBD present in the oil works at cellular level. It connects to cannabinoid receptors of cancer cells and increases the ceramide level. This leads to the slight shifting of the mitochondria. As a result, it kicks of Cytochrome C from the mitochondria.

When Cytochromne C gets pushed out from the cell, it blocks down the nourishment pathways of cancer cells. When cancer cells don’t get their required supply of food, it starts to starve. This causes the death of cancer cells.  Also, calcium metabolism of cancer cells leads to its death.


CBD oil for cancer treatment is not only important for its therapeutic value but also for its other benefits.  Apart from the accumulation of ceramide, CBD puts metabolic pressure on the cancer cells which leads to its death.