How to Get (and Keep) Your Motivation during the Holidays

Even if you are a health freak, you will agree with the fact that during the holidays, you lack the motivation to head to the gym or even carry out basic workouts at your home. More often that, during the holiday season, one starts to gorge on various delicacies and give a damn to their health goals. However, as soon as the holiday season ends, there is a beeline in front of the gym and fitness centre.

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Although a personal trainer Toronto agrees with the fact that holidays are a perfect time to spend with family and friends. It is the time during which one loves to eat various meals and as a result strays off from their health and wellness plans. Often, backing out from the scheduled workouts or fitness plan, might result in weight gain, muscle loss, and more. Moreover, on seeing the family members and friends enjoying the holiday season to their fullest, most people think of giving their workouts and gym session a miss.


Don’t Loose Motivation

Personal trainers know it very well that for many people following the workout routine can be really tough during the winter season. Managing your household chores and other works along with regular workout schedule can be very tricky thing. Even a greatest health freak can suffer from lack of motivation and might fail to maintain their usual routine.

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Tips to Follow

However, personal trainer Toronto feels that if one needs to feel motivated for carrying out workouts during the holiday season, they will need to follow some basic tips. Take a look into the basic tips.

Setting Microgoals: A fitness freak can break down their holiday season into individual weeks. On the start of the respective week, they can set up a realistic workout goal. The key is to set a goal that can be achieved while carrying out other tasks.

Remaining Accountable:  Personal trainer Toronto feels that once a person is able to set their goals, they can easily become accountable for their actions. For this keeping a track on the progress is very important. One can easily boast of achieving their goal across social media.

Rebooting Workout: During the holiday season, family commitments even get bigger. More than that one if one feels very inactive and tired for heavy workouts; one can start with small workouts like brisk walking or hitting the treadmill.

Hiring a Trainer: During holidays seasons it becomes difficult to motivate yourself. However, if you are able to hire a personal trainer Toronto and decide to carry out your workouts with them, it can help you to remain motivated as well as accountable. With a trainer by your side, one is less likely to miss their workout plan.

Bodyweight Workouts: Even if you are not able to hit the gym during the holiday season, you can try out bodyweight workouts. One can perform workouts like jump squats or reverse lunges in their home itself. A little workout can make one motivated for sticking to their fitness goals.


If a person is able to follow the aforementioned steps, they can easily keep up with their health and fitness. Just hire a personal trainer Toronto and seek their valuable advice. Here are more benefits as to why you should hire a personal trainer in Toronto.

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